CCPD Support Screenland 5K as Part of Fitness Culture

Culver City Police Chief Jason Sims, a multi-sport athlete, feels that the Screenland 5K on March 10 is “right up his alley because he enjoys physical fitness and competition,” said CCPD Community Engagement Manager Jennifer Atenza.

A recipient of the department’s Special Recognition Award and the Distinguished Service Medal, Sims has won several gold medals in submission wrestling and played on ranked softball teams in the California and Nevada Police Olympics.

Hired to the department in 2000, Sims has run on the city’s ‘Baker to Vegas Marathon’ Relay Team for 16 years.
The local team won a divisional gold medal last year and finished 16th nationally. The squad defends its crown on March 23-24.

“To take first is amazing, and 16th in the nation is incredible,” said police officer David Cardona.

“It was a huge win. They’re dedicated runners,” said Atenza.

“Chief Sims has a competitive edge, and he is proud of the dedicated men and women who work hard to provide safety services and take pride in keeping fit for their duties,” Atenza said.

“He’s excited to see our department participate in the race,” said Atenza.

“It’s a priority and a great opportunity for us to support a health, fitness, and wellness event for this community. A strong group of runners have signed up to run. We have an awesome group of professionals dedicated to staying fit for their careers,” said Atenza.

In January, two Culver City police officers finished first and second overall in a San Dimas race.

CCPD Officer Ruben Silvan wore a full tactical uniform in the inaugural Screenland 5K in 2017 in memory of a slain Whittier Police Officer. Several officers and Culver City firefighters may wear full rescue gear in the spirit of screen star costumes worn by walkers and runners, competing in individual and team costume contests judged by CC Council PTA and CC Rotary Club.

Police officers and staff will also work the Oscar Sunday event at Ivy Station and along the course, which extends west down Washington and Culver Blvd to Overland Ave. The race starts at 9:20 a.m.

“We expect a significant influx of people. Safety plans are in place so attendees can enjoy the experience safely, with nothing hazardous preventing that. We will work with traffic control, security, coordinators, and other stakeholders to determine capacity and need,” Atenza said.

A team of seven CCPD cyclists will participate in the Unity Tour from May 12 to 18. This grueling bike ride through several states to Washington, D.C., commemorates National Police Memorial Week.

Local walkers and runners have participated in free Screenland 5K training sessions over the past three months. Alliance Culver City at 3961 Sepulveda Blvd will host the next workshop on Sunday, Feb. 18, at 3 p.m. The last session will be Feb. 25, 3 p.m., at the Culver City High School track. Enter code CCPD for a 15% race discount at

Police officers (from left) Lt. Chris Caraballo, Asst. Chief Troy Dunlap, Lt. Ryan Thompson, and officers Kywan Owens and Kevin Ramirez wear custom Baker to Vegas marathon relay bib numbers emblazoned with the Screenland 5K logo.  Ramirez and Owens ran for the divisional gold medalist relay team last year.    Photo and text by Mike Cohen


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