Dear Editor – El Marino Offers More Than a Hundred Supporters for Measure E

Dear Culver City Schools Community,

We are a group of El Marino Language School parents/caregivers in support of Measure E. But, as members of the CCUSD community, we are deeply invested in the future of the children at all of our schools, not just our own.

Our community is facing a crucial decision at the March primary election. We have the opportunity to support a school bond that promises to be transformative for our educational institutions and, by extension, for the entire community. This bond is not only about falling ceiling tiles, leaky roofs and flooded classrooms; it’s about investing in our future as a society.

Our schools are the cornerstone of our community. They’re where friendships are formed, ideas are nurtured, and dreams take flight. Yet, despite the tireless efforts of our educators, our schools are facing significant facility challenges. Most of the school facilities date back to the 1950s and haven’t had significant renovations in decades. Crumbling ceilings and foundations, leaky roofs, flooded fields, kitchens that don’t pass health inspection and old wiring must be fixed. Public school districts have limited options when it comes to financing essential school facility improvements, and the State provides minimal assistance. Outdated facilities and inadequate resources are just some of the obstacles our students and teachers face on a daily basis. These challenges not only hinder academic achievement but also dampen the overall learning experience, stifle the spirit and jeopardize our children’s future.

We have the power to change that! By supporting this school bond, we can ensure that our schools have the facilities that they need to thrive. We can invest in modern classrooms, science labs, instructional technology, and libraries. We can provide our teachers with the classrooms they need to support quality instruction and to inspire and educate our children effectively. And we can create safe, welcoming environments where every student feels valued, empowered to succeed and that fosters pride in their education.

We urge you to join us in supporting this bond. Look for Measure E as part of the Presidential Primary Election Ballot, arriving in mailboxes starting the week of February 5th. Your vote matters now more than ever. Together, we can ensure that every child in our community has access to the quality educational facilities they deserve. Together, we can build a stronger, more vibrant community for all.

Please, join us in our efforts! We would love to have you. For more information visit our website, For volunteer opportunities, and lawn signs, visit

Editor’s note – This submission to CulverCityCrossroads requested that all names be published, and we are happy to do so. 


1. Nancy Barba

2. Dylan Gottlieb

3. Dorien Davies

4. Kenny Stevenson

5. Jo Marou

6. Ippolytos Kalofonos

7. Katy Krantz

8. Mila Moraga-Holz

9. Kate Shirley

10. Danielle Edwards

11. Valerie Antonini

12. Chandra Hill

13. Carolina Szpak

14. George Prior

15. Chris Antonini

16. Jennifer Barbot

17. Itzel Jimenez

18. Seth Kotok

19. Kattie Kotok

20. Ambar Gonzalez

21. Jennifer Barbot

22. Dustin Berkovitz

23. Yadira Macias

24. Jorge Jimenez

25. Silvain Barbot

26. Natalia Traverso

27. Mark Homes

28. Marcelo Chamecki

29. Kalyani Ramajayan

30. Laura Duane

31. Eric Weinstein

32. Greg Maron

33. Rocio Romero

34. Edgar Romero

35. Zoila Moreira

36. Ruben Ruckman

37. Erin Ruckman

38. Austin Alvarado

39. Stephanie Mesones Alvarado

40. Alexandra Alonzo

41. Lindsay Carlson

42. Ashleigh Matthias

43. Jessica Woods

44. Victoria Gardner

45. Olivia Diaz

46. Julio C. Ramirez

47. Adria Sorensen

48. Gina Ishibashi

49. Michael Pellegrino

50. Alex Cobian Alvarado

51. Bobbi Shiflett

52. Nargis Pirani

53. Blakely Robles

54. Gina Vecchione

55. Steven Chiu Liu

56. Samantha Miller

57. Melanie Cobb

58. Hye-Shin Chun

59. Aaron Muhyung Lee

60. Maria Casanova Rivas

61. Marco Angrisani

62. Natalia Bogolasky

63. Yoshi Aoyagi

64. Morgan Cohn

65. Natalia Rosminati

66. Ezequiel Lachman

67. Soraya V. Riega

68. Nanae Zamma

69. Hiroko Aoyagi

70. Kaori Furukawa

71. Jaime Riega

72. Soraya Riega

73. Jennifer Altshule

74. Arnold Gutierrez

75. Wendy Ruggeri

76. Maryam Majnoonian

77. Ernest Saadat

78. Leslie Mahley

79. Chalon Baumann

80. Brook Hefner

81. Kelly Hatfield

82. Vicente Perez

83. Amy Cangilla

84. Jodie Skiena

85. Tina Salvato

86. Kayla Perkins

87. Fernanda Calvo

88. Ivan Vallejos

89. Iara Moyano

90. Paula Gonzalez

91. Steve Harnell

92. Munira Virany (FB Poll)

93. Mary Carp (FB Poll)

94. Marites Roc (FB Poll)

95. Nao Morgan (FB Poll)

96. Norma Huerta (FB Poll)

97. Kaoru McCullough (FB Poll)

98. Victoria Gardner (FB Poll)

99. Scott Gardner (FB Poll)

100. Sandy Maeshiro (FB Poll)

101. Bridget Perdomo (FB Poll)

102. Oscar Alvarado (FB Poll)

103. Steven Jabami

104. Yuri Uehara

105. Yumiko Chang

106. Kyra Lucchesi

107. Rex Dunn

108. Simon Samano

109. Veronica Martin

110. Carlos Rivera

111. Sandy Maeshiro

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