Dear Editor – Pro School Bond, Anti Corporate Campaign Cash

Dear Editor:

I am a loud Measure E supporter because as a parent of a kindergartner at La Ballona I know the unsafe state of our school facilities, and I know the district doesn’t have the money to fix them without this bond. I’m going to talk to fellow parents, knock on doors, and phone and text bank to make sure it gets passed.

But I’m also loudly calling on the Yes on E committee to return money from construction companies, architecture firms, and developers, especially from those who are going to bid on projects paid for with bond money.

And most importantly, school board members and candidates should commit to reject bids from anyone giving money to the Yes on E campaign. If they won’t commit, then we won’t elect them to the school board.

I’ve heard some supporters point to other school bonds and prior CCUSD bonds passed on corporate contributions — this is business as usual, apparently. But that’s no justification. It’s wrong and I know we can do better.

After the local 2022 city council election was infected by more than half a million dollars of spending and direct contributions by construction companies, architecture firms, and developers, we need to send a very clear message that this kind of corporate money is corrosive to democracy.

Let’s show the firms that we can pass the bond without their money, and that trying to buy lucrative contracts and approvals will only result in them being shut out of the process.


Stephen Jones

The Actors' Gang