Painting in Process as Former Gun Store Sports New Colors

Culver City’s Artist Laureate Katy Krantz knew it would be a temporary mural when she proposed it, but putting a new look on an old building was a project she was delighted to start. As new words and bright colors go up on the former gun shop on Washington, the refresh is vivid.

With the painting taking place in the brief break in the weather, the mural is expected to take at least another few weeks before it’s complete. In the meanwhile, work is going as quickly as it can. 

“I’m honored to create a new artwork that celebrates this eclectic and diverse neighborhood,” Krantz  offered. Up the street from the grade school, across from the mosque and around the corner from the park, it’s an ideal spot to celebrate. 

Judith Martin-Straw

Photo Credit – Dani Crum  

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