CCHS Artists Recreate Stolen Bronze Plaques @ Vets Building

Last year, in 2023,  vandals removed most of the bronze plaques from the front of the building at the Veterans Memorial Building at the corner of Culver and Overland Boulevards.  Many of the plaques had historical significance and dated to the original dedication of the building, including the dedication piece itself from the concrete monument facing out to Overland.

But Culver City High School students Maren Brown, Eve Mott and Sophia Vegas, all of whom volunteer as Culver City Historical Society interns, we not about to let the vandals win.

The women got busy and recreated the plaques that once hung proudly on the wall, recognizing the many Culver City veterans who fought for our freedoms in various wars around the world. Thanks to their efforts, the empty space on the building have been filled, and visitors can see the names of those who fought bravely for our country.

Culver Pride

Photo – Council member Vera at Vets building with artists and newly installed plaques

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