Democracy and Vulerability @ The Wende to Feature Opitz

As we navigate a world rife with ecological crises, geopolitical unrest, economic inequalities, and cultural divides, the resilience of democratic institutions is put to the test. How can democracies adapt and thrive amidst these challenges? What levels of vulnerability can they withstand?

The Wende Museum is excited to launch a new virtual series, Democracy and Vulnerability, online via Zoom on Wednesday, January 24th at 4 p.m. This series is a collaboration between the Wende Museum, the Thomas Mann House, and dublab radio.

The initiative is driven by the Wende Museum and Thomas Mann House Student Council, comprising dedicated and diverse students. The Student Council facilitates dialogues with a broad spectrum of voices, including academics, journalists, politicians, and artists, to dissect the threats to democracy and brainstorm potential remedies.

The event will feature Sophie-Charlotte Opitz, a distinguished media and memory studies scholar and curator, as our guest speaker for the January session. A 2023 Thomas Mann Fellow, Opitz is renowned for her work on collective memory cultures and global image politics.

Register now to be part of this vital, thought-provoking conversation exploring the vulnerabilities and strengths of democracy in our changing world.

For more information, go to the ad for the Wende Museum and click through to to the site. 

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