City to Audit Trash, Recycling and Organics

Culver City consultants, Go2Zero, will be performing audits of residential and commercial accounts beginning Monday, January 15, 2024 through February 2, 2024. These audits will fulfill the City’s requirement under Senate Bill 1383 for Container Contamination Minimization.

These audits entail staff lifting trash, recycling, and organics container lids at a small number of locations throughout the City. Audits are performed on the day of collection, when carts are at the curb. Staff will never enter a private residential property or remove any contents. Audits are restricted to viewing the contents for the purpose of monitoring correct sorting. A cart hanger will be placed on each set of containers audited that provides information on proper recycling procedures and specific feedback on any contaminants found.

For more information call Environmental Programs and Operations at 310-253-6400.

City of Culver City 


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