Dear Editor – Yes on Measure E for School Safety

Dear Editor,

 I am writing to urge our community to vote “YES” on CCUSD’s Measure E, a $358 million facilities bond on the March 2024 ballot that will also qualify CCUSD for an added approximately $40 million in State matching funds. While $400 million sounds like a lot of money, CCUSD has seven school campuses all needing significant renovations.

With this bond, CCUSD will be able to fix the drainage issues and leaking roofs that plague so many campuses (in the recent December storms, water was penetrating the CCHS roof and dripping onto tables and desks, there is a video of it on the District website). Since most of the schools date back to the 1950’s, fundamental infrastructure including electrical wiring and plumbing all need upgrading which will be paid for from the bond. To keep pace with the rigorous instruction that the CCUSD teachers do every day with our kids, the bond will also upgrade science labs, libraries and instructional technology.

While we all love our Culver City community, we are not immune from the realities of the world we live in, and school safety is at the forefront of every parent’s mind. If the bond passes, proceeds will be used to improve fire safety, emergency communications and school security.

A vote for Measure E is a vote for our kids. There isn’t any other way to see it. There is no other source of funding to complete the vital upgrades that our schools need. Annual State funding does not include money for facilities upgrades, only maintenance. It is time for Culver City to come together and do the right thing for our children. This is their bond, and it is our responsibility to pass it so that they have the school facilities that we all expect from a great school district like CCUSD.

Vote Yes on Measure E,

Meredith Johnson, CCMS and CCHS Parent and Co –Chair Committee for E

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