Culver City Historical Society to Pull Focus on “Poverty Row” with Wanamaker

In the early 1900’s filmmakers began showing up on the west coast of California to make their two reelers and short movie comedies for the growing number of ‘nickelodeons.’ Full of ambition and short on cash, these film pioneers would find a barn, a warehouse, or even an empty field to quickly make their product and get it into theaters.

Very quickly, a variety of small film companies would end up near Sunset & Gower. Some would fold and some would become the iconic companies we know today; Paramount, MGM, Warner Brothers, Universal, Columbia and 20th Century Fox.

Join the Culver City Historical Society on Tuesday Jan. 23, 2024  at 7 pm for an evening with Hollywood Historian Mark Wanamaker as he shares the fascinating history of the dawn of film in Los Angeles.

Culver City Historical Society, (in the Vets Building through the back entrance) 4117 Overland Ave, Culver City, CA 90230
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