CCUSD’s Ethnic Studies Program Recognized at California School Board Association Event

The Asian Pacific Islander School Board Member Association (APISBMA) recognized the CCUSD staff for its outstanding Ethnic Studies program at the California School Board Association Breakfast on Dec. 1, 2023. The District, which is a member of the Association, was honored by the APISBMA Board, event moderator Assemblymember Alex Lee, Assemblymember Evan Low, and panelist California Treasurer Fiona Ma (pictured with CCUSD Board member Stephanie Loredo).

“Congratulations! Based on your exceptional submission to the Implementation of Ethnic Studies Survey, the Asian Pacific Islander School Board Members Association (APISBMA) would like to present your District with an Outstanding Ethnic Studies Implementation Award,” said the APISBMA. “We thank you for your work in telling the stories of diverse populations.”

Dr. Angela Elizondo Baxter, the District’s Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, told the attendees, “CCUSD’s Ethnic Studies program was developed through a collaborative brainstorming session, which began in the Fall of 2021 while considering how to best meet students’ needs and interests. An Ethnic Studies’ steering committee elected to offer Ethnic Studies classes through different departments in order to afford students choice and agency in their educational path while offering seven interdisciplinary courses. There is ongoing support for curriculum development and refinement through: instructional coaching, teacher inquiry group conversations, PLCs, course development, planning days, and instructional rounds to observe for examples of student talk using a common rubric.”


Photo –  CCUSD Board member Stephanie Loredo with California Treasurer Fiona Ma

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