This Weekend at the Wende – Art Across Boundaries, Student/Stories

This weekend, the Wende Museum presents two uniquely thought-provoking events, one online and one in-person. Resonant with the current exhibitions, both of these programs celebrate the power of creativity to help us transcend boundaries and (re)write the stories that define us.

First, click in online on Friday, December 1, at 5:30 p.m., for a new collaborative guest speaker series “Art Across Boundaries,” a hybrid co-presentation in partnership with Stanford School of Medicine that delves into the convergence of art and science.

The featured speaker is Eduardo Kac, an internationally acclaimed pioneer in contemporary art and poetry, renowned for his groundbreaking “bioart.” Kac’s work, including the famous GFP Bunny and his space art project, Inner Telescope, highlights the dynamic and evolving relationship between art and technology. We will be offering a livestream of Kac’s talk, as it is taking place at Stanford!

The exploration continues on site at 2:00 p.m. Saturday with another edition of our popular “True Stories” program in collaboration with OTIS College of Art and Design.This event offers a unique opportunity to connect with history through the artistic interpretation of personal narratives. OTIS College students have interviewed elders with diverse and compelling backgrounds, including Vietnam veterans, immigrants, and a Holocaust survivor. The result? Original books of art based on these oral histories.Experience the power of storytelling in-person in our West Gallery, where performers will recite excerpts from these interviews, and the students will display their artwork.

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