Dear Editor – Correction and Clarification on “Care and Consideration” Letter

Dear Editor, 

    I was wrong in identifying Alex Fisch with the quoted comment on “new blood.” I heard from him today requesting clarification and he sent me the link to the council meeting in 2020 where this vote and accompanying commentary took place. Daniel Lee was the council member who made that comment.
   Furthermore, Alex Fisch and then Mayor Göran Ericksson voted to maintain the existing mediation panel members. Thomas Small, Daniel Lee and Meghan Salli-Welles voted to remove the chair Taria Lewis and vice chair Michael Berlin from the mediation board and appoint two new members.
   I deeply regret this error (I also regret having to sit through the taped record of the whole council meeting again (it was not a visual meeting – auditory only) and apologize to Alex.

Judy Scott

The Actors' Gang