“Unbecoming” @ Village Well

Join us for an intimate evening with Filipina-American author Rowen Labuguen Turner as she unveils the inspirations behind her transformative book, “Unbecoming,” just released this week, during Filipino American History Month.

Drawing from the deepest corners of personal reflection and a rich tapestry of life lessons, Rowen presents her seminal work, “Unbecoming.” This book is jot just a guide — it’s an invitation to delve deep into the self, urging readers to shift their focus from seeking answers externally to finding them within.

In an era where many are grappling with questions of purpose, meaning and fulfillment, “Unbecoming,” stands as a beacon, urging readers to introspect, embrace vulnerability, and engage in critical thinking. It advocates for shedding what no longer serves us and harnessing our innate spiritual power to craft the life experiences we desire.

What began as Rowen’s personal journal—a space to pen down life truths and invaluable lessons for her children and future generations — morphed into “Unbecoming.” Rowen’s decision to share her insights with the world emanated from a hope that a broader audience might find the clarity, peace and joy she discovered on her journey.

“Unbecoming” is more than a title — it’s a philosophy. With this book, Rowen nudges the world to transform its question from “What am I getting?” to “Who am I becoming?”

Delve into a narrative that blends cultural roots with modern introspection. Enjoy a reading, engage in a Q&A, and get your copy personally signed. A journey of self-discovery awaits! It’s a pivotal read for those seeking to align with their truest selves.

With limited parking in downtown Culver City, we encourage the community to consider taking Culver CityBus to visit Village Well. Lines 1, 1C1 and Line 7 drop off near Downtown Culver City, and the free Culver CityBus Circulator runs frequently along Culver Blvd.

Friday, October 27th, 2023 @ 5:00PM – 6:00 PM, Free

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