Wende Museum to Focus on T.G. I. Freiheit – Current Guardhouse Installation

The garden at Culver City’s Wende Museum contains a unique feature; a simple grey guardhouse structure. It’s been through many different changes over the years; the current installation has some distinct echoes of an American chain restaurant, but uses some intriguing twists to play with that idea. 

This has led to speculation. 

From the Wende, “We heard your questions about T.G.I.Freiheit. Loud and clear. You asked: What does T.G.I. stand for? Who does that guard remind me of? Is this a joke? Are we being followed? Under duress, F&C* will answer these and other scripted, pre-approved queries.

*Friend & Colleague: a platform for editions, fiction, and special projects, founded by siblings Katya & Alexei Tylevich.”

The invitation is open to join the creators at the Wende on Sunday, Sept. 3, 2023 at 2 pm to find out more about the guardhouse and the artists. 

To rsvp, go to https://wendemuseum.org/program/tgifreiheit/


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