LA Mayor Bass Visits Culver City’s ‘Safe Sleep’ Site

Mayor Karen Bass of Los Angeles got a warm welcome from Culver City’s Director of Housing Tevis Barnes on a tour of the city’s new ‘safe sleep’ site on August 1, 2023. The support for the unhoused is the first of its kind in Culver City and is being considered as a possible model for sites elsewhere – but is still not open for clients. 

Culver City’s Mayor Albert Vera, Jr. and Council member Dan O’Brien were also present to show Bass how the site was designed and what the plans for operation will be. 

At the previous event on July 26, when the press was invited to see the facility, the mayor spoke about why the site had been created. “We want to find a place for our unhoused neighbors … we are hopeful that by offering this location, we will make it easier for people to access services on a regular basis. We are happy to be locking arms with Mayor of Los Angeles, Karen Bass, in   addressing the crippling issue that impact both of our cities. We need to bring people in off the streets and give people the services they need. This isn’t the ‘solve-all’ for the unhoused but it is a step moving forward.” 

Judith Martin-Straw

Photo courtesy City of Culver City

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