Getting Transit Back on Track – WUF June 29

Westside Urban Forum’s next focus is Getting Transit Back on Track on Thursday, June 29th, 2023 at Helms Design Center.
Los Angeles County transit agencies are investing billions in new bus and rail infrastructure and services. Two new rail lines have opened on the Westside in the past ten years, with more to come. However, transit ridership is trending in the opposite direction. Ridership on the Los Angeles Metro system is down by approximately one third from pre-pandemic levels. Reasons include everything from work-from-home to increased crime and vagrancy, reduced service hours, and increased vehicle headways. And things could get even worse, as decreased farebox recovery and expiring pandemic emergency funds apply even more pressure to reduce levels of service. If Angelenos avoid the train and bus, opting for personal vehicles and Zoom, what does that mean for Los Angeles? Regionwide goals for reducing pollution and increasing transit-oriented development, walkability, and housing production are all at stake.

At WUF this month, LA Metro officials and transit advocates will survey the challenges facing Metro and other transit service providers. Join us for a panel discussion on ways to maintain transit service, attract riders, and make the most of the crucial infrastructure and civic amenity that the Los Angeles region needs.

Panelists will include  Steve Fiechter, Sr., Director of Metro Services, People Assisting the Homeless; Daniel Rodman, Deputy Director Transportation, Mayor Karen Bass’s Office; Pamela Krebs, Executive Officer, Los Angeles Metro, Communications – Public Relations; and Stephen Tu, Sr. Director for Operations, Los Angeles Metro

The conversation will be Moderated by  Eli Lipmen, the Executive Director of Move LA.

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