Livable Communities Awards Honors for Design Challenge; The Ultimate 15 Minute City

The folks at the Livable Communities Initiative are “BLOWN AWAY by the submissions in our Livable Streets L.A. Design Challenge! We asked you to reimagine Los Angeles streets as livable and walkable communities, accessible for all types of mobility needs and a prototype for car-lite living. The ultimate 15 Minute City.”

The Grand Prize went to  “Pico/Robertson” a redesign by Sullivan Israel, Andrew Davies and Douglas Ridley
The judges were exceptionally impressed by our winners’ detailed understanding of the local context and felt that they addressed all of the livable urban design elements that LCI prioritizes. They also appreciated that the team took the time to visit the locale and engage with residents/business owners. They demonstrated a conscientiousness to design a proposal with the actual, intended users in mind.

Our own Washington Boulevard came in as the Third Runner Up, redesign by Michael Cheney, Calder Alexander, Erin Porter and David Fierabend. This team brought Washington Boulevard to life with street activation and community building that was invigorating and inspiring. 

The entries were thoughtful, inspired, well-researched and beautifully done. The enthusiasm for reimagining our streets is palpable.

For complete info on the competition, go to  Livable Streets L.A. Design Challenge!

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