Exclusive – Fisch Named New State Housing Attorney General

The Special Assistant Attorney General for Housing, a position newly created in the State of California, will have former Mayor Alex Fisch at the helm starting on Monday, May 22, 2023. “I’m absolutely thrilled, ” Fisch offered. “It’s a dream job. ” 

Special Assistants are senior advisors to the Attorney General, Rob Bonta, and there are already offices for health care, environment, civil rights and criminal law. The creation of a position to support housing is a first. The state posted the job a few weeks ago, and Fisch did not let the opportunity pass. The office is scheduled to oversee “housing and tenant-related issues,” and also to serve as a liaison “between the Attorney General’s Office and individuals and advocacy groups working on housing and tenant’s right’s issues.”

Fisch was already a member of the State’s legal team, serving as a Deputy Attorney General, a position he has held for the past nine years. “Of course, I couldn’t have [moved into this new position] if I were still serving on council – I simply would not have been able to put in the time.” 

How this office will affect statewide and local housing policy is a story yet to be told. 

Judith Martin-Straw

The Actors' Gang