Wende Museum’s ‘Bowie in the Soviet Union’ – Photographer MacCormack will Talk with Segal


Wednesday, May 17 , 2023 at 12pm, Wende Museum’s Chief Curator Joes Segal will interview Geoff MacCormack, the photographer of the current “David Bowie in the Soviet Union” exhibition. MacCormack was one of Bowie’s percussionists and background singers, and a friend since childhood who took the remarkable trip in 1973. 

Segal will talk with him about his friendship with Bowie since they were 8 years old, their adventurous journey on the SS Felix Dzerzhinsky and the Trans-Siberian Express, and Bowie’s artistic output in general.

As usual: 45 minutes discussion followed by 15 minutes Q&A. RSVP: https://wendemuseum.org/program/maccormack/.

Photo- David Bowie, 1973, by Geoff MacCormack

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