LACCD Moves Toward Student Housing

Los Angeles Community College District took a bold step forward to address the housing needs for students, faculty, and staff by adopting a Board Resolution directing District staff to move forward with the preparation of a Districtwide housing plan.

“California faces an urgent need for affordable and accessible housing, with community college students particularly burdened,” said Chancellor Francisco C. Rodriguez. “We intend to address this issue through thoughtful engagement with multiple stakeholders and identifying creative innovations that address these needs while being fiscally sustainable in the long run.”

“By adopting this Board Resolution, the Board of Trustees is working to remove barriers to education and fulfill our commitment to student success by providing basic needs programs, including housing,” said LACCD Board of Trustees President, David Vela. “A lack of affordable housing is a huge issue for too many of our students and the community. We hope to contribute to the many solutions-oriented conversations occurring in Los Angeles and the region.”

“LACCD has taken an affirmative step in creating a framework to develop critically needed student and workforce housing. The District will establish a pre-qualification list for housing project development and operation,” said LACCD Trustee and Facilities Master Planning and Oversight Committee Chair, Steven F. Veres. “To develop the District’s housing plan, staff will pursue best-in-class approaches proven in the marketplace to expand housing availability and affordability for our District.”

“The high cost of living and lack of affordable housing options present the highest barrier for both the student body and the community college’s workforce,” adds LACCD Trustee and Chair of District’s Ad Hoc Basic Needs Committee, Sara Hernandez. “In addition, LACCD recognizes that to maintain competitiveness in a crowded market for talent, the District needs to address and alleviate housing insecurity and affordability among students, staff, and faculty.”

LACCD is also committed to connecting housing supports to improve campus life by integrating other services and support resources, including services focused on mental health and wellness, food security, mentorship and interpersonal development, financial literacy and planning, and job readiness. The District is dedicated to ensuring housing resources serve impacted populations such as foster youth, LGBTQ students experiencing displacement, unhoused or formerly unhoused students, student parents, and other basic needs challenged student populations, as well as low to moderate-income LACCD employees.

Juliet Hidalgo

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