Culver City Defines Next MOVE – Proposed Changes to Downtown, Part Two of Transit Project

At the April 24th City of Culver City City Council meeting, Council directed staff to continue the MOVE Culver City Downtown Corridor Pilot Project with a modified design for a maximum of another two years.

City staff will modify the design to create and maintain a shared bus, bike, and emergency vehicle lane throughout the project corridor and add a second general purpose lane, where it is feasible and needed to enhance the capacity of general-purpose vehicle traffic. This option will likely result in multiple changes, including the creation of:

A protected, shared bus/bike lane between Culver Boulevard at Duquesne Avenue and Washington Boulevard at Fairfax Avenue;
A second general purpose through-lane in both directions on Culver Boulevard between Duquesne Avenue and Canfield Avenue and on Washington Boulevard between Landmark Boulevard and west of Helms Avenue; and
A second general purpose through-lane on eastbound Washington Boulevard between Ince Boulevard and Landmark Boulevard.
Estimated cost for the modified design, which includes project planning, outreach and design, is approximately $275,000. Once developed, the design will be brought back to the City Council for consideration. The construction budget will be established through the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) process and confirmed after the design is developed. The estimated construction cost is $900,000-$1,000,000.

City staff will continue to monitor the conditions on the project corridor, as changes in commute and general traffic patterns brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic are anticipated to continue to change. City staff will also continue to enhance mobility services, offering convenient mobility options for the community, and will continue to collaborate with regional partners to improve bus infrastructure and mobility services in preparation for the 2028 Olympics and beyond.

The Council also directed staff to proceed with the planning and preliminary design for a phase 2 project along Sepulveda Boulevard. Once completed this will be brought back to the City Council for consideration.

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