LA Times Weighs in on MOVE

In a front-page opinion piece the Los Angeles Times by Yotala Oszaky Febres-Cordero, the most influential newspaper in town has weighed in on the side of the transit situation, and it’s not about pulling out the stops. 

The National Resources Defense Council, in addition to the Sierra Club, are offering that they have lawsuits ready to drop if the City Council looks to diminish or in any way change the pilot project. Legally, it’s an interesting window. While the California Environmental Quality Act was not something that needed to be litigated in installing the project, it will be called into play if there is a move to reduce or eliminate it. 

While this has been a topic of conversation locally for the last two years, it’s now become an issue of national significance. With international organizations like the NRDC and the Sierra Club, and newspapers as formidable as the Los Angeles Times now joining in in the conversation, Monday night’s City Council meeting will be significant legal point for far more than just Culver City. 

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