City Council Unanimously Approves New Community Garden Sites

The two new locations for community gardens were approved unanimously by the City Council at the April 10, 2023 meeting, opening the way for gardens at both Vets Park and Syd Kronenthal Park. The pervious Community Garden location is now being reinvented at part of a new community center, and the new locations will allow for a few more plots and a whole new strategy towards public gardening in the city. 

The staff report, from Francesca Castillo, Parks, Recreation and Community Services manager, went over the standards required for the new sites; easily accessible, open area, and without taking away park space heavily used for recreation. 

There is future possibility of an additional garden at Tellesfon Park, and would have to be scheduled by the city as a Capital Improvement Project. 

Parks, Recreation and Community Services Commissioner Jane Leonard spoke to the meeting, noting that  “The community response has been great … the tours we took were very revealing about other community garden models, and in the future,  a site like Tellefson could be helpful in getting people interested …in good food and community gardening, and I think it’s important for Culver City to be aware of that need … we can set some really high standards in the regard.” 

While the plan was simply to replace the space that was being re-purposed, there is enough community and municipal interest to create even more community gardening space. 

There is already a waitlist of 14 residents, and only one plot is allowed per household.

Judith Martin-Straw


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