Antioch University Offers “How to Address Homelessness” Online Seminar

Homeless man, Old poor homeless man or refugee sleeping on the wooden bench on the urban street in the city with bags of clothes on sunny cold day, social documentary concept

While the city and the county move towards hopeful solutions, Antioch University is offering an online seminar for “legislators, municipal employees, architects, planners, designers, urban volunteers, and all good citizens.” 

In this 4 week course, you’ll learn from Charles Durrett, Architect Emeritus AIA, leading architect and builder of cohousing communities globally. Durrett will impart his decades of experience so that you understand the dynamics of addressing homelessness in your community.

“The average homeless person in the U.S. dies at 49. That is a 30-year death sentence. When I have asked folks in Denmark, “Why do I not see any homeless people here?” The answer is usually “because that could be my brother.” When I ask people in the U.S. why there are so many, too many people say, “You know Chuck it’s Darwinian.” Those are directly opposite. But it’s also not wise, and not just. One out of 9 people who experience homelessness are veterans—people who served our country, then cast adrift. This project shows that we should and can do something.”

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