School District Launches New Information Portal About College Prep English

CCUSD is pleased to launch a new information portal about College Prep English, detailing the history, research and implementation of this curriculum change at Culver City High School.

In a statement sent to Culver City Crossroads, the district emphasized “This is a matter of both academic rigor and equity for our students. In Fall 2022, Culver City Unified transitioned from a two-tiered system of “Honors and Non-Honors” to “College Prep” classes-for-all in our 9th and 10th grade English courses. This transition is supported by district leadership, site administrators, and teachers.

 The district trusts our educators who are highly qualified in this profession, who work closest to our students, who are with them in the classroom day in and day out. 
 We want to emphasize that the College Prep English curriculum is an Honors curriculum, serving all students with the same level of rigor as the Honors curriculum, and one that prepares students to enroll in advanced classes in their final years of high school. Our teachers expect the same high-level outcomes for all students and have been training with the College Board to integrate pre-AP practices into these courses. 
CCUSD fully supports this well-researched pedagogical approach. We are fully committed to giving teachers the resources needed to work with all students at all levels.
The statement was supported by the CCUSD Board of Education, the CCUSD Superintendent and District Leadership, the CCHS Administrative Leadership Team, the Culver City Federation of Teachers Leadership,
the Culver City Association of Classified Employees Leadership, and the teaching team of CCHS English Language Arts.

From the site “CCUSD is committed to this pathway and will develop it over the course of the next three years, which will allow us to collect data on an entire cohort of College Prep students all the way through a year of AP English 11. This three-year period will also allow teachers to implement College Board training and align curriculum, rubrics, and expectations so that all students are well-prepared to take an AP English course in 11th and 12th if they choose to do so.”

Through this portal, you can find:
Statement of Support from the District
History of Changes to the ELA Curriculum – including presentations to the CCUSD Board of Education, parent Town Halls, and FAQs
Credentials of CCHS’s English Language Arts Department’s Collaborative Team
Pedagogical Research: Annotated Bibliography on Benefits of Detracking
College Admissions Responses to Curriculum Changes
Testimonials from Parents and Students

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