Culver City Welcomes its New Chief Transportation Officer Diana Chang

The City of Culver City is pleased to announce that Diana Chang is the City’s new Chief Transportation Officer. Diana, who began working for the Transportation Department in 2005, has most recently served as the Department’s Transportation and Mobility Planning Manager, leading the City’s transportation and mobility planning and management efforts. As the Chief Transportation Officer, she will report to City Manager John Nachbar. Diana will manage a departmental budget of over $66 million. She will oversee four Divisions in Transportation: Fleet Services, Transit Administration, Transportation Planning, and Transit Operations – a total of 195 employees.

Diana’s expertise includes innovative mobility solutions, strategic mobility planning and collaboration, mobility management, and transportation capital improvement projects. Her past efforts have been focused on improving citywide mobility, including the MOVE Culver City Project, the Metro E-Line (Expo) Light Rail station in Culver City, the Culver CityBus Comprehensive Service Analysis, the Micromobility Program, the Transportation Demand Management Program, the SmartBus System, the Bus Signal Priority System, the Real-Time Bus Arrival Information System, and the Culver CityBus Rapid Line on Sepulveda Boulevard.

As the new Chief Transportation Officer, Diana will lead the department in operating and implementing citywide mobility services and initiatives to reimagine mobility, connect community, and enhance the quality of life in Culver City.

Diana assumes this position following the retirement of former Chief Transportation Officer Rolando Cruz.

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