PTA Reflections Winners to Be Presented at CCUSD School Board Meeting

PTA representatives will present the winners of this year’s PTA Reflections Program competition to the CCUSD School Board at the January 10, 2023 meeting. 

The PTA Reflections Art Program encourages students to explore the arts and express themselves by giving positive recognition for their artistic efforts. Through the Reflections Art Program, students in Pre-K through grade 12 create theme-based artwork in dance choreography, film production, literature, musical composition, photography or visual arts.

Megan Oddsen, a district PTA officer, said “So proud and impressed by how our district’s young artists are able to find and showcase their voice through art!”

The categories, artists and schools being honored at tonight’s meeting PRIMARY PHOTOGRAPHY 1st: Alex Lockwood – Grade 2, La Ballona Elementary INTERMEDIATE PHOTOGRAPHY 1st: Georgia Lockwood – Grade 4, La Ballona Elementary INTERMEDIATE DANCE CHOREOGRAPHY 1st: Maya Chayce Mandel – Grade 4, Farragut Elementary INTERMEDIATE LITERATURE 1st: Arya Rath – Grade 4, Farragut Elementary 2nd: Lana Eilbeck – Grade 3, La Ballona Elementary PRIMARY VISUAL ARTS 1st: Isabella Barreras – Grade 1, La Ballona Elementary 2nd: Alden Chan – Grade 1, Farragut Elementary 3rd: Anahita Reeves – TK, El Rincon Elementary INTERMEDIATE VISUAL ARTS 1st: Lucy Brooks – Grade 5, Linwood E. Howe Elementary 2nd: Jules Keough – Grade 5, Farragut Elementary 3rd: Noomi Cuculich – Grade 5, La Ballona Elementary PRIMARY MUSIC COMPOSITION 1st: Moxie Holbert – Grade 2, La Ballona Elementary 2nd: Ava Eslamimehr – Grade 2, Farragut Elementary INTERMEDIATE MUSIC COMPOSITION 1st: Saoirse Holbert – Grade 4, La Ballona Elementary 2nd: William Liebl – Grade 4, Farragut Elementary SPECIAL ARTIST MUSIC COMPOSITION 1st: Lucas Vila – Grade 4, La Ballona Elementary And advancing from the Middle and High School!… MUSIC COMPOSITION Mila Petrella – Grade 7, CCMS Allison Liebl – Grade 10, CCHS LITERATURE Suhaan Patel – Grade 8, CCMS Maya Farrell – Grade 7, CCMS Lucy Pristave – Grade 6, CCMS VISUAL ARTS Eowyn Daines – Grade 7, CCMS Juliette Bautin – Grade 11, CCHS


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