Time to Take Some Time

Sometimes, it’s just the moment to have a moment. While I joke with my friends that I have to physically leave Culver City in order to be ‘off work,’  it’s a little bit true. Coming out of a party at a friend’s house the other night, I had to resist the urge to find out why there was a squad car with its lights flashing a block away. But that’s not my style of journalism – I don’t chase ambulances, either. My responsibilities as a processor of information often leave me at the mercy of the landscape. If there’s something going on that could be news, I’m noticing. 

So, in the interest of sanity, I’m taking some time off. Workaholism is the only addiction that our culture truly rewards us for, but the law of diminishing returns also applies. I’m thinking of any council or school board meeting that runs more than four hours; once I start hearing myself say ‘I’ll catch that on the tape and confirm the quote’ it’s time to sign off. I’ll have to watch it all again anyway, to make sure I’m being accurate. 

Yesterday’s holiday still lingers; the kitchen stocked with cookies, a few undelivered gifts under the tree, and candles burnt to the very bottom. No one is in any kind of a hurry. Surprisingly, not even me. 

In addition to fifty-one weeks of news, I also published eighteen essays this past year. That’s pretty good work. I could spend the day sending thank you cards to my sponsors, (or reminder invoices to those who have not yet paid for services already rendered) but that can happen later. 

I’m going all the way to Los Angeles to take a break. I’ll lean into the old ‘no news is good news.’

I’m always grateful for all of my readers. Huge thanks, as always, to Pam Teplitz for her graphic and web support. And all my freelance proofreaders – thanks for the eyeballs! I so appreciate your kind corrections. 

As the light begins returning, may your days be merry and bright. And there will be another kind of Crossroads starting next year; teaser/trailer coming soon. 

Judith Martin-Straw



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