Supervisor Holly Mitchell Hosts Holiday Party @ Senior Center

The Culver City Senior Center was the place to be with a Holiday Sweater on Thursday, Dec. 22, 2022 for live music, cookies to decorate and of course, coffee and hot chocolate. “You really can’t call it a holiday party without hot chocolate,” Los Angeles County Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell smiled as she offered her applause to the band. 

The AVPA Jazz Combo was onstage with holiday music, and the tables in the Senior Center were filled with people enjoying the morning. The hot beverages, donated by Super Domestic Coffee, were ideal along with the cookies and the company. 

Promoted as a resources fair, Mitchell had also the DMV on hand to help people with getting a RealID ( although the deadline has just been extended) and the California Dept. on Aging for support with things like transportation and communication challenges.

“When your name is Holly, it’s just easy to enjoy this time of year,” Mitchell, showing off a ‘Merry Sithmas’ Star Wars sweater. As an additional batch of hot chocolate arrived, there were even more cookies, and the conversation continued. 

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