Election Updates – New Numbers, and a Few Winners

The most recent update from Los Angeles County was posted on Nov. 12 at about 4 pm, and while totals went up , no significant change in position appeared. However, the second, third and fourth places in the council race got tighter, with only 22 votes between second and third, Renteria and Puza

Measure BL is is leading YES with 59%, showing 6,099 votes, and Measure VY is leading NO with 53% showing 5,613 votes. VY could still turn, with less than 700 votes between NO and YES, but it would mean that a majority of remaining ballots would all have to go to YES. Since we don’t know how many mail in ballots for Culver City are yet to counted, there is no other evidence to support speculation. 

 The City Council race as it currently stands is showing O’Brien with a formidable lead at 26.07%, holding 5,005 votes, Renteria at 21.91% with 4,206, Puza with 21.80% at 4,184, and Fisch with 21.14% of the vote. Far behind are Dr. Khin Khin Gyi with 4.94% of the vote, a total of 949 votes, and Devin Yeager with 4.14%, at 794 votes. 

The CCUSD School Board had Guerrero in the top spot with 16.66%, 4,196 votes, Ezidore coming in second with 16.17% and 4,074 votes, and third with Loredo holding 15.67%, 3,947 votes. With three seats to be filled, these could be the winners, but the fourth spot, held by Menthe, is ay 14.02%, with 3,531 votes. Only 416 votes away from third. Menthe would have to make a strong showing on the next ballot drop, but it’s possible. 

State Senator for the 29th District looks highly likely to be Lola Smallwood-Cuevas, who holds the lead with 57.72% of the vote, bringing in 71,662 votes ahead of Cheryl Turner, who has 42.28% with 52,485 votes. 

Member of the Assembly for the 55th District is Isaac Bryan, with a solid 81.61% of the vote,  a total of 70,712 so far. 

As we don’t know how many more ballots are outstanding in any of the Culver City races, look for more updates soon. 

Remember to breathe. 

Judith Martin-Straw

The Actors' Gang