Dear Editor – Progressives Still Have Time to Save Culver City

Dear Editor:

The recently rejected progressive coalition still has time to save Culver City from the influence peddling of the Hackman Organization (Hackman) and those with similar interests. Remember Hackman? It recently super-funded (approximately $250,000) certain Culver City political campaigns. Also, it funded former City Councilmember Thomas Small’s charitable organization to the tune of $500,000—where the charity’s major expense was Small’s salary. With three votes on the City Council, the so-called progressives could modify Culver City’s ineffective fraud, waste, and abuse system and associated hot line (FWA System).

After years of study, an extremely well-qualified-consulting Internal Auditor recommended that Culver City implement an independently managed FWA System. However, Culver City’s former City Attorney and former Chief Financial Officer corrupted that recommendation so that potential perpetrators, and those with questionable competence, would run the FWA System. Details of those gruesome events and others may be viewed at .

During a COVID restricted meeting, with little discussion, the City Council adopted the flawed FWA System. However, there is still time for our progressive majority to leave a long-lasting-positive legacy by amending Culver City’s current FWA System to put it under independent management. There is still time for the two business-supporting Council members to demonstrate that they feel that Culver City should be adequately protected from potential underhanded dealings.

This is a golden opportunity for our City Council to do something with which no reasonable person in Culver City could disagree. Further, Hackman should support such a change to demonstrate its actions in Culver City will be above board, and it has nothing to hide.

Les Greenberg, Esquire

The Actors' Gang