Public Health Inspection at CCHS; Campus ‘Meets Standards’ with a Few Exceptions

The Los Angeles Department of Public Health performed an inspection of the CCHS campus and cafeteria on October 27, 2022 and then a follow-up inspection on November 3, 2022. Although the majority of the campus and its restroom facilities were found to “meet standards,” there were a few items requiring corrective action that staff has already begun to address. Links to the reports from both days can be found at under ‘Facility Project Updates’

A complaint that had been filed with the Department of Public Health stated that the high school had “overflowing and smelly trash, cockroaches and rats in classrooms, maggots in student lockers, restrooms are broken, leaking and never cleaned. Ceiling tiles are fall[ing] on kids.”

The Public Health inspection found no evidence of rodent or cockroach infestation, no maggots in lockers, no leaks in the bathrooms, which were deemed to be well maintained and clean. The inspection covered both boys and girls’ locker rooms, student lockers, the refuse storage area, dance and music classroom facilities, the gym and ‘common student areas of the school.’

There were found to be missing ceiling tiles in both the student and faculty restrooms adjacent to the library, and a single cockroach was found in the girls’ locker room. Some trash cans we found to be in need of new lids, so that they could be properly closed. 

There will be another routine follow-up on December 1, 2022.


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