Dear Editor – We Have One Final Chance to Stand Together to Stop this Corporate Takeover of Our City

Dear Editor,

As beneficiaries of an unjust economic system, Billionaires have, thus far, spent $880 million on the 2022 US midterm elections. Billionaires own our media. Billionaires fund PACs so they can control our democracy to their benefit. 

Former Republican and political novice Rick Caruso has spent about $100 million of his own fortune to beat Congresswoman and former Speaker of the State Assembly, Karen Bass.Billionaire commercial developer Michael Hackman has spent almost half a million $$$s in Culver City to try to unseat Deputy Attorney General at the California Department of Justice and incumbent Council Member Alex Fisch, AND against extraordinary community relations professional, California Forum for Diversity in Higher Education committee member and co-founder of our own Culver City Pride group, Freddy Puza.  
Freddy’s list of endorsements are extraordinary – found here. 
As are Alex’s which can be found here
These powerful endorsements cannot be compared to those of any other candidates for CC City Council. 
These are serious candidates with actual real world experience, and intelligent and data-based policy ideas. 
Alex has represented our city locally, regionally, nationally and internationally with decorum, intelligence and with unparalleled knowledge and expertise. He is a long-time Democrat who could rise to the top of the party and represent on a national stage. But we have him here in OUR city, representing US
Freddy is a kind, hard working and level-headed person who has run an intelligent and joyously positive, people-powered campaign. 
He has almost two decades of experience in building community, championing equity and inclusion, and solving problems. 
Our city MUST stand together against this unprecedented corporate takeover of our city. 
Dan O’Brien and Denice Renteria do not represent the values of the thoughtful, inclusive and responsible leadership that our city currently needs in these desperate times.  
Neither have presented any actual policy ideas, even when pressed. 
Clearly Hackman feels he can use these two politically inexperienced entertainment professionals to get what he wants from Culver City IF they are elected to OUR City Council. 
Clearly they appeal to this ruthless but brilliant Billionaire Commercial Developer who wants control of our city council, otherwise why would he bother investing $500,000 in them? 
He knows exactly what he’s doing, and his dishonest fear-based campaign against Puza and Fisch show how far he will go to get what he wants. 
Every single vote matters. 
When Freddy ran in 2020 he lost to incumbent and acting mayor Göran Eriksson by only 26 points. 
We can do this. 
We can reclaim our city. 
Let’s kick Hackman to the curb and if Dan and Denice really want to represent our city, how about they run again without billionaire backing?
Stand against Billionaire Backed Candidates.
Vote Puza and Fisch. 
Polly Beale 
Culver City Resident. Business Owner. Educator.


The Actors' Gang


  1. This type of letter goes exactly to the ugliness that people will go to in order to try to get their candidates elected. It is factually inaccurate. It does something that is so sadly prevalent: it smears good people in our community in order to lift other people up. Once again, I am shocked and appalled that a letter such as this would be published on this site.

  2. May I request that commenters responding to this LTE criticizing Hackman Capital Partners and its avalanche of campaign cash please disclose whether or not their own PAC has, itself, received thousands of dollars of Hackman’s aformentioned campaign cash? For anyone conflicted in the above fashion, publicly making such a disclosure would seem to be a reasonable step to take.

    I’ll go first: my PAC has not.

  3. Please Vote for Dan O’Brien and Denice Renteria for Culver City Council. They’ve run positive campaigns, free of smears, innuendo, or twitter bullying.

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