School Board Race Fosters Support Along with Competition: Ezidore and McBride Share Fundraiser

As Election Day gets closer, so do events, fundraisers, and sometimes candidates. Both Triston Ezidore and Summer McBride are on the ballot for the CCUSD School Board race, and October 1, 2022 saw them join together for a fundraiser at the home of Planning Commissioner Nancy Barba. An evening of tapas and sangria was bookended by calls for donations and requests for volunteers, and the enthusiastic crowd responded with generosity. 

When asked why she was supporting both candidates, Barba offered “I’ve seen how much good Summer [McBride] has done on the board, and I think that Triston [Ezidore] will be a great addition. They both listen; that’s essential.” 

McBride has already served six years and is re-running for her seat. Ezidore, who only graduated from CCHS in 2021 and is currently enrolled at USC, made a name for himself in student leadership organizations. 

While not running as a ‘slate’ both McBride and Ezidore were enthused about the possibility of working together, centering inclusivity and keeping students as the focus of administrative actions.  

Judith Martin-Straw

The Actors' Gang

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