Dear Editor – There is a Culver City School Board Election – Do People Care?

Dear Editor,

Public schools are the foundational elements that promote thriving, healthy communities. The strength of our school district is predicated on the character and values of the people who walk through them each and every day. These people depend on the personal growth and enrichment gained from a robust public school system.

Your readers will soon receive their California state ballots for the Nov. 8 elections. While there is a lot of attention for our local city council elections, there is another important municipal election taking place November 8th: Culver City Unified School District Governing Board Member.

Selecting school board members should be important to Culver City voters, who can choose candidates for up to three seats in this election cycle. Their choices for this election will have resonating effects for them, whether or not they currently have children in our school district.

Public schools are the roots from which youth can grow each day and envision their lives in the future. They are the nourishing elements that our city collectively owns, and we are accountable for their enrichment. Our community blooms around our school system.

Our schools fuel Culver City’s ecosystem. Culver City public schools serve 7000 students. Employing 800 people, our school system is one of the five largest employers in Culver City. District policies impact the city’s environmental footprint and health and wellness. Our city’s future workforce depends on the success of our public schools.

Endorsements can help voters differentiate candidates to identify those with whom their values align, and those that have the trust of various communities and groups. Additionally, being on the school board is a volunteer position — so a consideration can be the depth of volunteer involvement candidates have had in the schools and their history of participation in CCUSD organizations.

I am running for Culver City school board because I want to help our public schools build a culture of care that empowers students, faculty, staff and families to thrive. A culture of care embraces the fullness of our community members’ humanity, and I want to develop an environment where everyone feels safe, heard, validated and supported to achieve. This can be manifested by harvesting resources and empowering stakeholders around three key pillars: achievement, belonging and community. When families that participate in nurturing school climates with resources to be the best version of themselves, they generate positive energy and good will that is channeled to others in their schools and beyond into the rest of Culver City.

– Stephanie Loredo, inclusion advocate and parent

Candidate for Culver City Unified School District Governing Board Member

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  1. I watched the CC Chamber of Commerce debate between the candidates. I was most impressed with Marci and Howard. It’s good to see some common sense candidates running and they know what they are talking about. I just heard a lot of woke word salad from some of the others. Darrell impressed me as well. Summer definitely knows what she is talking about but I don’t agree with her views. I’ll be pushing for Marci and Howard.

  2. So nothing about education ? Safety? Deteriorating classrooms? You’re right that people should care who is on the Board – people who have ideas with substance and not just catch phrases – I’m voting for Baun, Adelman and Menthe – they have plans that I support

  3. Read, watch, and ask questions. I contacted every candidate to ask about their stance on Honors classes. Three immediately responded; nothing from the rest. Although one has a different opinion than I do, that response was detailed, thoughtful, and gave me some research to read. I hope that catchphrases and flashy flyers are not what people base their vote on. There are some very important issues at stake (even for me, whose kids graduated years ago).

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