Menthe Kicks Off School Board Campaign @ Meet & Greet

On Sunday, August 28, 2022, supporters of Darrel Menthe gathered at a “Meet-and-Greet” event hosted by Rose Parekh and Behram Parekh at their home in downtown Culver City. Council member Goran Eriksson was there to endorse the candidate. Earlier in the week, Council member Eriksson issued a statement, “Darrel is a consensus candidate for School Board who draws support from all across Culver City. He knows how to work collaboratively with stakeholders in the community to ensure that our schools meet the needs of all parents and students, including those with special needs. I support Darrel because he is a serious, experienced candidate who will restore excellence to the core mission of Culver City schools.”

Vice Mayor Albert Vera, Jr., has also endorsed Menthe, although he was not able to attend the event on Sunday.

At the event, Behram Parekh introduced Menthe. Menthe spoke of his vision for launching Culver City schools into the top tier of public schools in the state. He described his childhood experiences in various school districts across America, including his time at an Arizona school where almost all the students were Navajo, Hopi, or Havasupai. I learned, he said, how much it is true that all parents have the same aspirations for their children. He said his campaign would emphasize three goals: smaller class sizes, safe and clean spaces to learn, and excellence in education.

Menthe currently serves as the Vice Chair of the Culver City Finance Advisory Committee and President of the Downtown Culver City Business Improvement District. He was the Vice President and Treasurer of the Culver City Centennial Committee that served from 2014-2017. Menthe’s two children have been in CCUSD schools since kindergarten, and are now at CCMS and CCHS.

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