Culver City Schools Look to Return in August with Mask Mandate

As Culver City Unified School District families are preparing for the return-to-school in August, the district is keeping in step with the Los Angeles County Health officials in regard to COVID concerns. 

Following the recent alarming surge in COVID-19 BA.5 variants (as of 07/21/2022: 8,691 new cases reported, 15.73% 7-day average daily testing positivity rate, and 1,329 new hospitalizations) LACDPH is trending toward reinstatement of its county-wide indoor mask mandate. This is widely expected to take place on Thursday, July 28 given the current trends. School campuses would be included in this requirement. Should LACDPH reinstitute its mandate, CCUSD will adhere to that directive and require the use of indoor masks for all of our staff, students and visitors effective August 1, 2022. It is anticipated that this LACDPH in-door mask mandate would continue to be in effect as CCUSD begins the 2022-23 school year, therefore, CCUSD is working proactively to prepare and will have appropriate masks (KF94 or N95) to distribute to staff and students as they are needed.

The district will be providing take-home tests for all students to be tested prior to returning to school the week of August 18.
Weekly onsite testing will resume the second week of school, starting again on Tuesday, August 23. CCUSD will be using the same testing company for the schools as we did last year – LivingFit Nation – so anyone who was already signed up last year does not need to register again.

The district is making one change to improve the notification system – we will be moving over to their online system that allows everyone to login and see their own results as soon as they come through instead of having to wait for a text or email. We will send out instructions as soon as we have them; the first thing to do will be to verify that your information was rolled over from the old system correctly.

Weekly drive-thru testing every Saturday morning in the Elenda parking lot is still occurring and will continue. For this testing, you have to be registered and login weekly to “order a test”:

It has been a two-plus-year struggle for all of us addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. I had hoped that this would have been, by now, a non-issue for CCUSD. Frustratingly, the pandemic is still impacting our students, staff and families. CCUSD will continue to provide updates as they come in from the LACDPH, the County of LA, and the State, and should these updates require adjustments to CCUSD COVID-19 protocols the District will change them accordingly.


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  1. Don’t get me wrong, I’m 100% behind doing the right thing, and what it takes to beat or at least control this virus. It’s sad and unbelievable that there are those that think it’s some conspiracy or that you’ll become “magnetic”, but it seems some laypeople know more than science.

    Anyway, having attended K – 12 in the CCUSD MANY years ago, I can not imagine being a child or teen and having to deal with what CC and other students around the country and world have and still are dealing with. Truly saddening and unbelievable. Two and a-half years ago, who would have ever thought?

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