Car-Free Weekends on Main Street

On March 28, 2022, the City Council approved a plan to make Main Street car-free every weekend. Public Works Department staff, in coordination with the Fire and Police Departments, conducted a successful test closure from June 17 – June 20.

Beginning June 24, 2022, Main Street between Culver Boulevard and the City Limit will become car-free every weekend. Water-filled barricades will be placed at both ends of the street each Friday at 6 PM until the following Monday at 6 AM.

All businesses will remain open! Consider walking, biking, scooting or taking a Culver CityBus to Main Street. If you are arriving by car, please note that on-street parking on Main Street will be prohibited during that time, however the downtown parking structures will be open.

For more information, please contact Culver City’s Traffic Engineering staff.

City of Culver City

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