Culver City’s ‘March for Our Lives’ Rally Draws Loud Support

The tradition of “honk if you agree” created a near-cacophony at the corner of Culver and Overland on Saturday June 11, 2022, as the Culver City “March for Our Lives” rally was so loudly supported by passing traffic, it was a challenge for the megaphone-holding speakers to be heard above the honking. People shouting the word “Yes!” from passing cars as sidewalk-stationed protestors waved signs about gun control kept the volume turned all the way up. 

They had important things to say; timed to co-ordinate with marches all over the country, “Culver City’s March for Our Lives” on Saturday at 10:30 am was also held early in the day so that people could continue on to the march in Los Angeles that afternoon. The local events, organized by local activists and School Board candidate Triston Ezidore began with “Community March for a Gun Free School Zone,” at 6:30 am. The focus on a busy gun retailer being located only blocks away from a local elementary, La Ballona, was a direct understanding that the tragedy of Uvalde, Texas was something that could happen here. 

The list of speakers at Culver and Overland added local elected officials with youth activists and community leaders. Remarks by Shannon Theus,  Culver City council member Yasmine-Imani McMorrin, Freddy Puza, Bubba Fisch, Triston Ezidore, Sami Shanman, Ada Meighan, and Benjamin Goodwin all offered the crowd reasons to get politically active about gun control. 

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