Mark Your Ballot – June 7 , 2022

Every election day, Culver City Crossroads offers an easy way to answer your unanswered questions about who to vote for; on some occasions we even include why. The most important contest on the ballot is one we CAN’T vote for; the Mayor of Los Angeles will have an effect on everything around us, and it’s essential to get your allies in the city to vote.

Why would a Republican, who only changed his party affiliation so he could run for mayor, (Jan, 24, 2022, as per the LA Times because we don’t elect Republicans in this part of the state,) want the job?  Caruso is a Trump associate, he sits on the board of the Reagan Library – why does he want to be the Mayor of LA? Because what happens here effects the whole country. 

Bass, on the other hand, knows this city from the ground up, and has spent her career passing laws, not building shopping malls. The Mayor of LA does not have a lot of power; the County Board of Supervisors does. The Republicans like to see power sitting in one chair, preferably a chair filled by a wealthy white man. We can only hope our friends in LA don’t let that happen. 

Who does Culver City get to vote for? Mark your ballot – 

Governor Gavin Newsom – I think anyone who can trounce a recall the way he did should not have to stand for election again so soon, but so be it. We will endorse him without any hesitation. 

Senator Full Term and Senator Short Term – Alex Padilla was selected by Governor Gavin Newsom to fill in Senator Kamala Harris’ remaining time after she stepped up to Vice President. He has shown himself to be adept at the job, and we are glad he’d like to stay there. You do need to vote for him for both positions; it will be awkward if only one of these positions gets the votes. He is one of only seven senators to applaud for Starbucks unions, and the only one who agreed to do a day’s worth of farm work to stand with the farm workers. That’s integrity. 

State Senator, 28th District – Lola Smallwood-Cuevas. We could be glib and say you can trust a woman with a hyphenated name, but my vote on this office is about our need for more women, more young women, and more minority women in office.  It’s a perspective on the world that so much of our government does not have, and needs to benefit from. 

Member of the Assembly – Isaac Bryan has a lot of unique qualifications for the office. He does good work. His background makes him essential in the Assembly, and we need his perspective. 

United States Representative, 37th District – Sydney Kamlager. In every election in the last decade, we have recommended that you vote for Kamlager. In all of her elected offices, she has done an outstanding job, (I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve disagreed or been disappointed in her vote and still have fingers left over.) Yes, Dr. Daniel Lee is also on the ballot; we would like him to stay here and continue doing what he’s doing. I don’t doubt that Dr. Lee will be elected to higher office eventually, but on this round, I’m voting for Kamlager.

Sheriff – Robert Luna. It’s really anybody but Villanueva, but Luna is far and away the best choice.  We are again in agreement with L.A. Times. They endorsed Luna, noting his involvement in “leadership roles in national police organizations with a reform bent.” So many parts of the County rely on the Sheriff for law enforcement. and those folks deserve to be treated with respect.

Assessor – Jeffrey Prang. Doing good, if re-elected, will continue to do a good job. The position of Assessor is one of those offices that really only gets noticed if they have problems. If you have never heard of Prang, it’s because he’s doing his job. 

AND – Judges of the Superior Court  (You Know You Need Some Recommedations Here) 

Judge # 3 – Sherilyn Peace Garnett

Judge #60 – Anna Slotky Reitano

Judge #67 – Elizabeth Lashley-Haynes

Judge #70 Holly Hancock

Judge #90 – Kevin Thomas McGurk

Why so many recommendations for Public Defenders? We offer the example of  Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson. Let’s keep doing that. 

Into the Home Stretch – 

Secretary of State  Shirley Weber – currently the appointed, let’s make her the elected. 

Controller – Malia Cohen – Could benefit the state in a big way.

Treasurer – Fiona Ma

Attorney General Rob Bonta – like Weber, currently appointed to the post. Please elect him. 

Insurance Commissioner – Ricardo Lara

State Board of Equalization – Tony Vasquez

Superintendent of Schools – Tony Thurmond

Please feel free to share widely. Primaries are important, but they are also good practice. There is even bigger voting coming your way soon. 

Judith Martin-Straw





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