Dear Editor – Council Should Not Increase Business Taxes

Dear Editor,

The city council should not increase business taxes!

As a small business owner, large family day care operator, I’m still struggling with my income due to the pandemic. Several parents sign up and commit then don’t come because they are worried about covid so my income has now become unreliable and unstable. I can’t count on monthly wages to be stable. This adds up to thousands of dollars yearly. My $6000 in savings has been used up. If it wasn’t for my husbands job I would have had to close.

 I have increased expenses supplying covid kits, cleaning supplies and building costs for better air cleaning and creating an outside classroom. My materials costs have increased to buy materials that won’t get damaged from constant cleaning twice daily. I have increased wages costs because I have to pay my employee when she’s out sick due to covid or if she’s quarantined and full wages for her sub when she’s out. I also pay for her covid testing as well.

1,000 day care and preschool operators have not reopened and went under in la county alone. The city council should support small businesses not burden them with more expenses. I hate to pass along increased costs to my families who are already struggling to pay for huge increases in basic living expenses.

Bonnie Wacker

The Actors' Gang

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