City Council Looks to Add More Local Taxes to the November Ballot

With a local election coming in November, the Culver City council will discuss adding several measures for voters to consider on the ballot. The agenda for the May 23, 2022 City Council meeting will vote on including an increase on the business license tax, as well as a parcel tax to support affordable/workforce housing. Putting these question to the vote is a requirement, as they involve funding. 

The statewide primary election that will be concluded on June 7, 2022, will determine who makes it to the November ballot on many contests, but local voters will only be weighing in on county and state candidates. With local elections occurring on the same day as state, county and federal elections, November will be a critical juncture. 

As always, CulverCityCrossroads will publish the voter guide “Mark Your Ballot” on election day for people who are in need of another perspective. 

The council is meeting live, at City Hall, at 7 pm, and is also available online. For more info, go to, and click into City Meetings. 

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