Menthe Announces Run for CCUSD School Board

Darrel Menthe is announcing his candidacy for the CCUSD School Board in the election scheduled for November 2022. 

“I decided to enter this race because the public schools connect our community and families in a way that no other institution in Culver City can. Now is the crucial time to set the recovery goals for our schools and children. As a proud parent of two CCUSD students, I will be a strong voice for all parents on the CCUSD School Board. I will also listen to all the different voices in our community. I am in this for all of our kids, and I know we can succeed if we pull together. We are all Culver City Centaurs at heart (and Panthers, Lions, Foxes, Sea Dragons, Dolphins, and Rockets…).

It should be our goal to make Culver City schools the best public schools in Los Angeles County, nothing less. I believe we should always aim as high as we can. That means striving for excellence in education in safe, clean schools. It means ensuring equity for all our students of every background without exception. It means listening to teachers and staff who know what they need to do their best. Above all, our schools are a reflection of who we are as a community. Accordingly, we must set high standards, ensure everyone feels like they belong, and take pride in everything we do.”

Menthe is an attorney of twenty-five years who lives and works in downtown Culver City. He and his wife Sarah raise their two children, Vivian and James, in Culver City, where both kids attend CCUSD schools. 

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