Save the Date – Fireworks @ WLAC on July 3

It’s been a long time, but the Fireworks Show will return this summer to the campus at West Los Angeles College. Co-sponsored by the City of Culver City and the Exchange Club, the show will be on Sunday evening, July 3, 2022, giving folks an early start on the Independence Day holiday.

The gates will open at 4 pm, and the fireworks will start after dark. The style of fireworks will be slightly different this year (as we are never not in fire season) to make sure that safety is a priority. Entry fees will be $15 per car (for the parking) and $5 per head (for the show.)

There will be food trucks, space for picnic blankets, but no alcohol, please. Add it to your calendar, and we will all look forward to some big, bright excitement for the summer holiday. 

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  1. What was considered by the Exchange Club is that having it on a Sunday was a better way to go.

  2. Not sure how the view will work out – They will have a different kind of fireworks this year (being mindful of our highly flammable landscape) – But if you end up on a rooftop you can see them from , we’d love pictures and a full report –
    There will be food trucks at the event …

  3. Will locals still be able to see the fireworks from our front lawns adjacent to WLAC?

  4. Can we bring beach chairs to the show? OR just blankets, like Culver City High School used to be

  5. What type of fireworks show is this? I’ve seen it called “different kind of fireworks” and “safe fireworks” on a few other sites. Can you explain with more specifics?

  6. Anyone know what style of ‘slightly different’ fireworks will there be? If its not large aerial blooms and just a bunch of oversized sparklers from the ground, I’ll pass and go to the Marina on the 4th instead.

  7. Doesn’t explain what is meant by slightly different at that link. Should we call the phone number provided on the website?

  8. We are not the folks putting it on- sorry we don’t have any more info to offer – why not just go and see what happens?

  9. Wonder if they are going the “Drone” route like I saw mentioned on the news last night. Several events are doing then instead of actual Fireworks… Hmmm

  10. These will be fireworks – not drones – but this is the first itme they have used this kind of pyrotechnics, so we will find out when it happens.

  11. Bring a blanket – better to have one and not need it than need one and not have it.

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