Bass Offers Plan to Address Climate Crisis

Rep. Karen Bass today released her plan to combat climate change and take bold action to protect Los Angeles from the existential threat of global warming. Her comprehensive climate strategy will expand access to clean transportation and open space, enhance biodiversity and climate resiliency, conserve our natural resources, and train our workforce for prosperous green jobs.

“It is our responsibility to protect this planet,” said Rep. Karen Bass. “As rising temperatures and extreme drought create health emergencies, drive displacement, destroy jobs, and threaten livelihoods, it is imperative that we take immediate action to defeat climate change and serve as a model for cities throughout the world. As Mayor, I will lead Los Angeles to a new era of sustainability that supports frontline communities, makes major investments in energy efficiency, and creates thousands of good-paying jobs in the process.”

“Bass’ plan is bold. It meets the serious environmental challenges that Los Angeles is facing — climate change, drought, pollution and environmental injustice with a vision of an L.A. powered with clean energy, resilient to drought and climate impacts and centered on healthy communities and a strong, just economy,” said Nancy Sutley, former Chair of the Obama White House Council on Environmental Quality*. “I believe Karen Bass is the leader we need to enact this vision.”

“Karen Bass has developed an exciting, highly ambitious, but realizable environmental vision for Los Angeles,” said Jonathan Parfrey, Executive Director of Climate Resolve*. “We need Karen’s brand of get-it-done leadership in City Hall.”

“For Karen Bass, the environment is where we live, work, play, pray, and go to school. She understands that the restoration and protection of our air, land, water, and climate is inextricably linked to people’s health and livelihoods. She knows from experience the deep environmental inequities and injustices borne by frontline workers and residents, low-income individuals, and communities of color”, said Martha Matsuoka, Associate Professor and Executive Director, Urban & Environmental Policy Institute, Occidental College*. “She will bring people together — particularly those most impacted by environmental conditions — and leverage federal, state, and local authorities and resources to get things done to protect our environment and our people.”

“Our city finds itself in an era of extreme drought fueled by the climate crisis,” said Charles Stringer, Managing Director of Renewable Resources Group and Former Board Chair of Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board*. “The next mayor will need to take bold and decisive steps to combat climate change. I’m proud to support someone who’s done it — Karen Bass was a leader on water policy as Speaker of the Assembly and she is a climate champion in Congress. Her plan will help ensure a sustainable water future and makes me optimistic for our city.”

“Karen Bass understands the urgency of our climate crisis and its catastrophic impacts,” said Randall Winston, Vice Chair of California Environmental Voters*. “Her vision is bold, equity-driven, and deeply grounded in communities and working people. Karen Bass is the leader Los Angeles needs.”

“The environmental damage caused by the climate crisis has disproportionate impacts on low-income neighborhoods, communities of color, and the elderly,” said Gloria Medina, Environmental Justice Leader. “I trust Karen Bass to redress the historical injustices of environmental racism and help our communities recover from and prepare for the ongoing impacts of global warming. This plan puts the health and economic sustainability of frontline communities first, and elevates the need to center the voices of those most impacted. I am proud to support this plan.”

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