CC Chamber President Colin Diaz Announces His Departure

An email from the Culver City Chamber of Commerce was not the typical Thursday morning reminder of events; Chamber President Colin Diaz announced he will be stepping down from his role to relocate to Arizona. 

“I know that this news likely comes as a shock, and I apologize for its delivery and timing on the heels of what may have been our most successful event during my tenure. However, this opportunity is one that is great for my family and the timing. I hope that in looking at my tenure at the Chamber, you all feel that I did a good job of representing the City of Culver City and business community, locally, regionally, and at the state level. I certainly took pride in my work and continue to today.”

While the standard of “spending more time with my family” is often seen in the media as a blanket statement amended to resignations, Diaz was very specific in why his family is the top priority on the decision. 

“In the past several weeks, my wife was presented with an opportunity to expand her work and grow her capacity. Simultaneously, I was contacted about an amazing opportunity, out of state. Though I have never been looking, it was an opportunity that I could not pass up as it related to the future of our family, and alignment with my wife’s work.”

Diaz has not set a final date, but will be working with the Chamber’s search committee to find a successor. 

Photo – Diaz receiving accreditation from Western Association of Chamber Executives

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