Dear Editor- Ballona Creek Should Not Be a Trash Channel

Dear Editor,

After years of documenting the excessive amounts of trash collected during our bi-monthly creek clean ups, Ballona Creek Renaissance is enthusiastic to support the innovative Ballona Creek Interceptor Pilot project that will aid in preventing much of the 60,000 pounds of trash that is currently channelled down the creek and carried out into Santa Monica Bay and The Pacific Ocean. We are seeking the support of our new County Supervisor Holly Mitchell to ensure that the installation of this project remain on schedule. Millions of wildlife are being affected by these waves of trash that enter the Santa Monica Bay during through rainfall or tidal changes. We know that this is not the only solution and we all have to continue to do everything in our power to stop it: through stronger policy, supporting non-profits in the lead of pushing back on the plastic pollution problem, awareness campaigns, better storm drain covers, cleanups, or simply breaking with the status quo. We look forward to Ms. Mitchell’s leadership in pursuing multiple solutions that address plastic pollution and other trash in Ballona Creek.

From the Ocean Cleanup (TOC): the Ballona Creek Trash Interceptor Pilot Project is a partnership between LA County and The Ocean Cleanup. The Interceptor is the first scalable solution to prevent plastic from entering the world’s oceans from rivers or creeks. It is a state of the art trash collection device that runs on solar power using a barrier and conveyor belt system that concentrates and extracts plastic from rivers. Globally, the trash from rivers makes up 80% of the plastic pollution in our oceans.

We urge Supervisor Mitchell and LA County Public Works to see the project through to installation at the current location where it has been studied and permitted. It is not a “Silver Bullet” solution for our pollution problem, but it has been given to our city on a “Silver Plate” from TOC! Success of the pilot project will mean capture by the Interceptor of at least 50% of the plastic trash flowing down Ballona Creek. This is an amazing opportunity to rid our ocean and coastline of plastic and trash pollution and leave a legacy for future generations.

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Deborah Gregory, President
Ballona Creek Renaissance (BCR)

Editor’s Note – It is our policy to run “Letters to the Editor” with yellow lightbulb graphic. It helps readers to identify the post as someone’s idea. In this case, we are using a photo sent with the letter, as it helps to illustrate the author’s point. 

Photo credit: Blake Hottle

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