Park Your Tree – Or Book the Boy Scouts to Get It There

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to recycle the tree; and Culver City has a program for that. If getting your tree to the drop point is a problem, you can call on Boy Scout Troop 108, and they will get it there for you. 

The “Park Your Tree” program from Culver City’s  Public Works Environmental Programs and Operations Division has several years of success already in the bin. You can recycle your Christmas trees anytime before January 31, 2022 by dropping it off at Fox Hills Park, Syd Kronenthal Park, Culver West Park or Veterans Park. There will be a large dumpster on each site for the length of the program, 
If getting the tree over to the park is a challenge, Boy Scout Troop #108 will be booking pick ups in advance for both Saturday, Jan. 8 and Sunday Jan. 9, 2022. It’s a fundraiser for the troop, so donations are requested. To connect with Troop #108 ‘s tree pick-up, please go to…/1FAIpQLSf28Me…/viewform and fill out the form with your address and donation. 
DO NOTE that not all the rules for the park drop off are the same as the Boy Scout pick-up – Both require that you remove all decorations, plastic containers, metal stands and bars, ornaments, lights and the bulk of tinsel.
Flocked trees, or trees coated with a fire retardant, will be accepted by the city, but no flocked trees, wreaths, garlands or artificial trees will be collected by the Boy Scouts. If you are asking for Boy Scout pick-up, note that your tree must be outside; they cannot come into your home to collect it. 
Residents can also cut up their tree and place it in the green waste bin for pickup on their regular collection day, but be mindful of the size of the tree in relation to the top of the bin. You need to be able to close the lid to meet Sanitation Dept. standards, so that might mean cutting your tree into two or three sections. 
In many holiday traditions, the tree stays up until January 6th, the “12th Day of Christmas” or Three Kings Day. Whenever you choose to put away the ornaments and take down the lights, know that there’s lots of support for keeping the ‘after-party’ green, sustainable and community supported. 
Judith Martin-Straw
The Actors' Gang

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