CCPD to Offer “Disability Sticker” to Inform Interactions

Beginning December 2, 2021, the Culver City Police Department will be offering free stickers, which will help alert law enforcement personnel to circumstances where we may be interacting with a person with disabilities. Requests and mounting of these stickers are on a strictly voluntary basis.

The disabilities sticker program was adopted as another tool to help law enforcement officers when interacting with those with potential physical or developmental disabilities. The stickers, which are available for free to the public, are designed to be placed on or near the front doors of homes or on car windows. The stickers will alert officers that a person inside the home or vehicle may have disabilities and instructions may not be easily understood.

Culver City Police Officers receive training on how to interact with people who have disabilities. The goal of the sticker program is to assist our Department in serving members of our community with disabilities.

Stickers are available to the public and may be obtained at the Culver City Police Department lobby. It is recommended that the stickers be placed on front facing doors or windows of homes or the lower left rear window of vehicles whose owners would like to notify Law Enforcement of the presence of someone with disabilities.

For further information please contact Sergeant Edward Baskaron at (310) 253-6316 or by email at [email protected].

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