Dear Editor – More Housing Can Make Culver City More Resilient

Dear Editor,

I am a 16-year Culver City resident, parent of two CCUSD students, and a Culver City business owner. I have come to love this little charming corner of Los Angeles. The network of neighbors and friends, my children’s teachers and school staff, and the local political scene are amazing. Everyone is so thoughtful, creative, intelligent and generally impressive.

Despite these attributes, I do think we can make some improvements to our city. I am fortunate to be a homeowner, but one by one I have seen my renter friends leave Culver City–driven out by high costs and lack of housing options. Ten years ago, about half of our friends were renters, but now I can count on one hand who is left. If we’re going to keep an economically and racially diverse community, we need to create more opportunities for renters and for first-time buyers. Supply and Demand tells us that we need more housing in order to bring down costs. These new homes should not be limited to the high traffic areas where apartments tend to be built but throughout our neighborhoods. One of the most concerning problems for me is that the house across the street just sold for over $4 Million dollars for a single family.

I worry that this lack of housing is not only keeping out a lot of people that would benefit our city, but is also limiting us to be a city of a very select, wealthy elite–making us less diverse and less resilient.


Greg Jamrok

The Actors' Gang

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